Sunday, 15 November 2009

Tag Team !

I have had a happy crafty weekend - I found a cute little Maya Road tags set and had fun reacquainting myself with embossing which I hadn't done for ages. I rarely work with blues but I wanted a wintery effect without being Christmas-y - and blue and silver seemed to fit the bill. It was a re-learning exercise to find out that the stamps you use shouldn't have too much detail as this doesn't come out well with the embossing powder. So a bit of silver paint had to be slapped on to cover up a mess-up but it all added to the effect !

I spent today happily working with metal & ink to get some more examples ready for my metal work demo on Wednesday - this time to create something suitable for scrapbooking.

And to get some illustrated notes written up with some metal work basics.

Happily they are now all ready to be checked over tomorrow & printed !

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