Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Journal Your Christmas 2009

I've been so busy trying to keep on track with this year's Journal Your Christmas with Shimelle Laine, I've sorely neglected my new blog ! The class starts each day with a "prompt" - an e-mail with ideas & suggestions for that day's page - it runs from 1st December to Twelfth Night. So far I am at least managing to do something for it each day - if not actually get the whole page done !

I'm really pleased with how my tree is looking this year, and am feeling virtuous as all my presents are bought & wrapped, all the cards sent - and yet still there is that nagging feeling of stress at the bottom of my tummy that I might not be quite on top of things & no-one will enjoy coming here for their Christmas. I need to get a bit more food planning done & the conservatory decorated to lower those adrenalin levels - let's hope I can pack a lot into next Sunday !!

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  1. I LOVE the artwork on page one of your journal - it's stunning!