Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year ?

So here we are with another year behind us and a new decade about to begin. Somewhere along the line we stopped celebrating New Year's Eve - but I usually feel at least a sense of anticipation & of new beginnings. But somehow this turning year feels flat and uninspiring !

So maybe time to set out some ambitions - as well as the usual "try to loose weight, get fitter, eat more healthily" !!

So some crafting ambitions - I really do want to try to learn to draw this year - and to use more crafting goodies than I buy !! And to be more creative in my scrapping - surely I can use all my lovely stamps more effectively ?

And to get an art journal going - just somewhere to play & be creative - nothing for public viewing !! I just need to START - and not think & fuss & dither- just get stuck in & get messy !!

So lets take a deep breath & head into the new decade - hoping for the best !

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