Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas Crafting !

The list of things to do this weekend was extensive - lots of bed making for impending guests & a pile of ironing still lying in wait for me ! But I did get time to craft a last couple of bits - I wanted to make my own place cards for the Chritmas Table - and have struggled to think what to do - in the end some wired ribbon came to the rescue ! A few gold pegs from an unused "hang up your Christmas cards kit" and a bit of stamping & they are ready to go !

I also finished my little birds & popped them into their Christmas bird cage !

First snow fall of this Christmas season fell unexpectedly overnight .. all very pretty but a pain to drive & walk in !!

I am pleased that I'm keeping up with my JYC pages - yesterday's & todays just completed.

So now off to rescue my adorable husband who is cleaning the oven !! And blow up guest beds !!

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