Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mosaic Scrapping

Just a quick photo of the Mosaic scrapbook page we did at our Scrapbook Club last night - not a style I'd ever thought of before as I would have felt all the images would be too small to really show anything .. but its good to be prompted to try new things & I am quite pleased with the results !
I thought I'd have enough photos for a double page - but the design eats photos for breakfast !
It would be great for an event like a party etc where you had masses of photos but no real "centrepiece" ....
And you could put in more "blank" or decorative paper squares if you had less photos ...
Some of the girls were cutting the photos on a trimmer but I borrowed a punch and it made it SO much quicker & more accurate !
Might have a go with a bigger punch square as I don't have one that small ...
Fun to do though - especially when chatting with everyone too !

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