Wednesday, 7 July 2010

WOYWW - Surely it can't be Wednesday again already !

Hi there - very late posting this today - to be honest I hadn't cottoned on it was Wednesday - where do the weeks go !
Busy day at work getting everything in a fit shape to leave as am now off on holiday - YEHH !!
Anyway here's my desk today - I picked up 4 beer mats from the local Indian restaurant on Saturday whilst waiting for my takeaway. I am sure that the brilliant Crafter's amongst you will have some inspirational ways with beer mats - so far I have only gesso'ed them & set them to dry.
I knew those long stems on top of the Smooch Inks would come in handy for something !!!
Any inspired ideas welcome !!
I have today's prompt for the "Love your Pictures " class printed out - today we are photographing 3 objects in an attractive setting ..
And my lovely new flower stamps are here waiting - sending me out ... "use me, use me" vibrations !! Flowers & beer mats maybe !!!
Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday !


  1. Well, if you want ideas for beer mats, check out Linda at she is the biz!!
    love your desk, btw.

  2. that is a great looking workspace, as for beermats all I can think of is mini book covers or to put your glass on, LOL

  3. Agreed, Linda is the person to visit for beer mattery! I have Smooch out on my desk today..although frankly, you've put yours to better use than me! Have a fab holiday.

  4. I always see those beer mats too, but can't find anything usefull to do with it, so can't help you there.
    You sure do have a lot of stuff to work on the cards though :)
    ** Evi **

  5. I've never even seen these Smooch bottles, but you have really put the lids to super use.

    I agree that Linda has done some fabulous things with beer mats. I have seen open decorated storage type boxes made out of 5 of them. Have never seen one with a lid. Just another suggestion. Actually, I use mine to decorate my mixed media art. Happy beLATEd WOYWW.