Tuesday, 26 February 2013

WOYWW - Full of Good Intentions !

So - it was Sunday, the weather didn't get much above freezing outside - and at 8am the Much Beloved headed off  to Wembley - to watch Swansea win a cup final 5 nil !!

So there I was bursting with good intentions - the prospect of an entire day to myself - crafting all the way !

Why does it never seem to work out the way you have it in your head ?

I got stuck straight in working on my Mother's Day card - I had seen some examples of cards with Lavinia stamps in a magazine and decided to have a go with my own stamps & some background papers I had bought from them as well - at a craft show last year.

So, I matched the colours in the papers with Distress Inks & went from there ... I was quite pleased with how it came out - because as you know card making isn't my main thing - so each one I make is a new venture !!

And I did enjoy making it but it took me much longer than I expected !

I had - in a moment of madness & having had a glimpse of sun - hung my washing outside - but on checking it I found that it was literally frozen solid !!
As I gave up hope & took it all back in to dry indoors the arms of my blouse stayed sticking out rigidly as they were frozen in position !! It did make me giggle !!

Card complete I went on to scrapping - more Africa photos I'm afraid - you must be bored of me keep rambling on about this trip's layouts !
I couldn't believe how long I spent muddling about on just this one one layout !

This was to capture the visit to the Cape Point Ostrich Farm - they really are very strange comical creatures !!

So suddenly, having had a whole day stretching ahead of me, that was the morning completely gone !

I decided I really had to attack the ironing at this point - and that was another 2 hours well & truly disappeared !

Then feeling cooped up I decided to pile on the layers of clothing and head outside to the garden - it wasn't my most glamorous of look ever !!
After an hour's tidying up I was frozen to the marrow & headed in for a hot drink !

By this stage all my creativity seemed to have evaporated - all I could muster was starting to play about auditioning some photos onto a layout ... but sadly inspiration had fled !!

All those good intentions & I didn't seem to have the momentum to get any more done !!

And all I was left with was a creeping sprawl of stash which had mysteriously moved itself onto an additional temporary table !! Has to be sorting out & tidied away ... a job to be tackled right now !

So better scoot & get that tidying done !
Have a great week & looking forward to seeing what you are up to this week !
Take care, Ali xx


  1. I know all about those temporary tables! It was a permanent fixture in my room for about 3 months! I am proud to say that it was used to kit for class and put away again IMMEDIATELY so it has regained its true name! The Page on Kalk bay is looking good, even if you feel like you ran out of creativity. Love the Ostrich one though. Warm Hugs

  2. Happy WOYWW. Temporary tables - what are those? My craft room is made up of 3 of them - and it is amazing how sturdy they are. Hanging washing outside - wouldn't attempt that here. The tumble drier and new heated airer (bought from Lakeland and a very useful addition to my laundry room) are on almost constantly! Ali x #24

  3. great looking card and layouts! I have several temporary tables that some how have become permanent. I need to put them back in the garage and it would help keep the room cleaner! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing with us! Vickie #39

  4. I think you did really well I do love your card the image and the colours are wonderful together and your scrap pages are full of colour and interest. I will be going to New Zealand next year and will be scrapping after that trip a first for me

    Happy WOYWW hope you have a great day
    Ria #48

  5. We have days like that, you anticipate a million craft projects being finished, but the reality is one or two and the rest of the day gone in annoying but essential jobs. Your card is really lovely and you definitely need to make more.

    Love from the bears @#89 this week

  6. Great work even if you feel you didn't do as much as you wanted.
    I enjoy seeing the progression of your SA album.
    Cute ostriches.
    Happy WOYWW

  7. My dad is acSwansea Jack, so he was very happy at the result!! Your Africa trip was so exciting, it's good to see you're organising the pics rather than leave them in a drawer for ages!!
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xxxx

  8. If I had made a card as beautiful as that I would have been very happy with my day! We do a good ostrich impression in our house and it always makes us laugh, lovely to see you pictures, thanks for sharing Tracy #72

  9. Well good for you Ali - once installed at my desk I fiddle play and probably create..all day. Wouldn't occur to me to do irongng on a day 'off'. No, will never tire of seeing your LOs about Africa...how else do you think I'm so well travelled?!!

  10. Lovely card, our crafty goodies have a way of spreading out and taking over don't they? Happy WOYWW!
    Carol.x # 59

  11. Loads of wonderful scrapping there and a super card too. Thanks for visiting me, BJ #58

  12. EVERY day is like that for me! BUT you got a superb card made, scrapped a page brilliantly, did some sorting, gardening and ironing....a lot achieved! Bravo! Now. get a take-a-away for hubby, hide any ironing in a cupbard and go get some mre crafting done today! :O)

  13. temporary tables! Yep, know all about those! I keep an extra fold up table in my studio and have been known to yank in TV trays!

    Your day reminded me of many of mine. Some weeks I get so much done, and other weeks I hardly visit my studio....I have been working on a weaving challenge (I blogged it) and have not really done any crafting at all other than vinal labels for work. I can't wait until I retire and have all day long to wander in my studio at will!

    thank you for the lovely visit, Robin

  14. That was a fun post, Ali! Your card and layout are wonderful ~ you'll get all those layouts done eventually and beautifully!

    I did LOL when I read about how optimistic you were hanging out the wash in the sunshine and than having to carry everything in, stiff-armed, for drying. Oh, my!

    Thank you for coming by to visit me. I've been busy on other things this week and am finally getting a chance to do more WOYWWing. I hope you enjoy the rest of the week! Darnell #34