Tuesday, 5 February 2013

WOYWW - Out of Africa !

Hi Welcome to my messy desk ! All the souvenirs of my travels last week are dumped here waiting to be sorted out !! 

I missed you all last week as I was away on a food inspiration business trip to Cape Town - well I didn't miss everyone as you will know if you read Bella's blog last week !

Through the power of WOYWW I was able to meet up with her from the opposite end of the world !
It was so great to meet her !
We had fun seeing one of their scrapbook shops - some yummy things we don't see even in the UK !
We grabbed a coffee in the lovely Waterfront area of Cape Town - and later in the week she & her hubby Andrew were able to come to a foodie evening & Braai (BBQ) that was part of our week's food inspiration expedition !

How amazing is it to make a new friend, who enjoys the same hobbies, just by meeting up here on line!!

It was very hectic but such an interesting visit - we packed in visiting loads of inspiring entrepreneurial food producers, farmers, lovely restaurants, fun cafes and a trip to the Langa township where it was a real privilege to meet some great girls running their own food businesses really tuning in to their customers needs.

The Cape has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited - the scenery took my breath away along the coast - we made the bus driver stop for us to take photos !
And the charming town of Franschhoek -  set in a ring of mountains with Dutch colonial style buildings lining the streets was just lovely - and the view from the top of Table Mountain made me feel you could almost touch heaven !!

And of course we had to squeeze in a visit to an animal reserve - and got up really quite close to the animals - so got some great photos !

So as you can see from just this small selection of photos I will be scrapping this trip for months to come !!

Bella made me this lovely tag  - so watch out for it on a scrap page sometime soon !!

And we found some local die cuts - and a feather embellishment from the Ostrich Farm !
Bella also gave me a gift of some great stencils - but I'll save showing you those until I have had a chance to play with them !!

So wish me luck on my scrap-a-thon to come - I am itching to get started - but a pile of ironing bigger than Table Mountain is only half tackled & then of course I had to go back to work !

So Friday I was in a field in Wellington, just north of Cape Town - it was 38oC and I was patting a Water Buffalo on the nose - and today at 7am, in the dark dreary morning, it was zero degrees and I was scraping the ice off the INSIDE of my car window - talk about back to reality !!

Anyway have a great week & looking forward to seeing your desks !
Ali xx


  1. Have fun with your scrapping lo's , i hope you show us. Happy woyww, jill #16

  2. Welcome home, and what a great trip - mixing business with pleasure - and crafty shopping too, what more could you want!! Have a great day. Helen, 14

  3. I saw you were visiting Bella...Cape Town has some fantastic food places!!I am so glad you had a good time...I was born in South Africa..I hope that you make a lovely mini to record the wonderful time you had and the things you saw....
    Zeffy #78

  4. That's exactly what we do with new stash, dump it all on the desk! Your elephant tag is wonderful, lucky you.

    The bears @#87 this week.

  5. So nice to see my city through your eyes! Here's hoping you have the time to scrap a page a week for us to see each Wednesday...I really loved the talks on the Wednesday, they made me so proud to be South African! Was a treat meeting you and look forward to keeping in touch!

  6. it sounds like you are have a fantastic time and I think it is amazing how you two have managed to get together, friends for life.
    I look forward to watching your blog for all your holiday shows
    and tells
    Happy WOYWW #192
    Ria #75

  7. What a wonderful travel adventure you've had!!! It's so great to meet up with new bloggy friends. Enjoy your scrapping!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #4

  8. How fantastic to meet up with a crafting friend.
    What a bump back to earth!
    You will have a great time scrapping your adventures.
    Happy WOYWW

  9. What a fantastic share! Love all the pictures and what fun you will have reliving them when you scrap!
    Angie #112

  10. What a wonderful trip, and that tage is a jaw dropper! Lucky you!
    Krisha #137

  11. What a wonderful trip it looks like you had. Those photos are stunning, and how lovely to meet up with a fellow WOYWWer..I did that a few weeks ago...so much fun. Happy WOYWW! Thanks for sharing. Caro #72

  12. Wow what a fab trip you had, love the pictures and the tag, and how amazing to meet another WOYWWer, thanks for stopping by my blog, hugs xx

  13. Thanks for your comment.
    Looks like a great trip and how wonderfull meeting a blogfriend.

  14. Sounds like you and Bella had a great time! Like I told her I have yet to meet another WOYWW'er but I am saving the pennies and someday will make a trip to do just that! Thanks for sharing and for visiting my desk this week. Love getting those comments! Vickie #32

  15. Wow Alison, What a trip! I can't imagine how exciting it must have been. I love watching Tim Holtz Videos on his blog when he goes to Africa. Just amazing. Glad you have a friend you met there! That is just so cool. Bella's tag is so lovely, and what a keepsake for you. Winnie

  16. Wow, that was some trip just to meet a WOYWWer!! How wonderful for you to meet up like that, your paths would never have crossed otherwise....Love the pics of the animals....your scrapping is going to be interesting, that's for sure!
    I'd quite like to go on a food researching trip...do you want an assistant next time?? Lol
    Hugs, LLJ 44xx

  17. Awesome trip, cant wait to see you make something of those souvenirs. I have been on holidays so no WOYWW posts for a while,thanks for asking and missing me
    Bridget #2

  18. Wow what an incredible trip! All that way just to meet Bella, lol, with a bit of work thrown in perhaps! It looks absolutely stunning, bet you'll have fun putting all the LO's together.

    Brenda 115

  19. What a super trip and to meet up with a fellow WOYWWer too and goodies to boot. Thanks for popping by my desk - Happy WOYWW BJ #9

  20. What a fabulous trip you had and how nice to meet up your friend too. Have a fab week xx #125

  21. Amazing journey and photos.Tamika #126

  22. What a fantastic trip! Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Bernice #63

  23. I'm still trawling around the desks as I get time!
    Your desk is great, thanks for sharing :) Those photos are going to make a fabulous album.
    Jackie #46

  24. Happy Very Belated WOYWW. Couldn't not leave a comment on this post after seeing all the wonderful pictures. You will have a wonderful scrapbook when you find the time to get scrapping! Ali x