Tuesday, 19 February 2013

WOYWW - Garden Called .. Scrapping Squeezed In !

Hi hope everyone is well this week - still more preparation & planning than action on my desk this week !
My project box is put together to get my Cape Town trip scrapped ... but last weekend it actually stopped raining, didn't snow & with 4 layers, a woolly hat & gardening gloves on it was warm enough to get about 5 hours work done in my back garden over the 2 days !!

My desk has a pile of photos I have been printing out - printed a load last week to have the ink cartridge give up the ghost half way through - grr !!
So forked out the extortionate sum they charge for cartridges & had to print them all again - still a load I haven't even prepared for printing yet - but I have reviewed the photos & made a note of the numbers of the ones I will print eventually !

This logo was on a brochure one of our hosts gave us - but it was perfect recycled for my album cover !

Here's some of the stamps I bought & bits & bobs I collected to scrap with too ...

The fabulous dancing ladies stencil is one Bella bought for me - isn't it brilliant - can't wait to use it !! The cloth is a napkin I purchased with an African print design - and the stamp a was bargain in Hobbycraft ! Oh & some ostrich feather sneaked in too !

I did get a couple of pages started at Scrap Club last week .. one of our guides in the township kept saying "T.I.A." to us when we encountered things rather different to home - This Is Africa - as if this explained everything !!

This was a restaurant we dined in - and had a drumming lesson before we tried a pan-African selection of dishes ! Page needs journalling etc !

And I started a page from when we went to Signal Hill to get a great view of Table Mountain - we tried all week to get up the actual Mountain but either high winds or thick cloud (they call it the Table Cloth as it lies along the top of the mountain even when the rest of the sky is pure blue !) prevented us - happily we finally made it on my last day - but those pictures are still to print !!

 That's as far as got because as I mentioned before - I was finally able to set to & get the garden tidy up & weeding started - some 5 odd hours later I had 6 huge bags & 2 large trugs of weeds & prunings and thousands of oak leaves (we back onto a wood !) to cart off to the Council Compost Heap at the Tip - and a very sore set of leg, back & bottom muscles from all the crouching down !!
But at least all the mess of dead plants is finally gone and the rampant Hairy Bittercress weeds vanquished for a few days at least !!

I even got my first harvest of the year ! Purple sprouting broccoli, Russian kale & Cavolo Nero - an Italian black kale - we stir fried them with ginger, garlic, chillies & spring onions - delicious !!

Well that's enough of my ramblings for this week !
See you all around your desks !
Have a great week
Ali xx


  1. Your scrapbook is really coming together. Looks fantastic.
    The garden looks great. Do you want to come and do mine??
    The end job must have been well worth the sore back etc.

  2. Lovely to see what you are doing with the photos from your trip. I have not tackled my garden yet...will have to strip down to shorts and a strappy T as it is still too hot here...talk about opposites! Your meal from your garden supplies sounds marvellous.

  3. What fab memories of your African trip! Love all the different photos and the TIA page is fun :)
    Well done you for being so horticulturally productive! My garden is looking rather sad....though I did get in y greenhouse...that looks an awful lot better now!
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xx

  4. Loved this post! Looks like you had an awesome time on the African trip and have a lot of good memories to scrap. Love the garden. I am so looking forward to it getting warm again. I think I need to look into a raised bed for my garden to keep me from having to bend over so much! Old bones! Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Vickie #28

  5. So much to see - the stencil is fabulous!! Sounds like you have quite a garden with lots to keep you busy outside! Have a good week,Helen 5

  6. Love that stencil you were given it will work great with your photos
    Good luck with scrapping all those photos it will be a fab reminder of your holiday
    Jackie 19

  7. What an amazing trip and lovely goodies.
    Sandra @83

  8. Such Gorgeous photos, Love your album theme and design x
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 72

  9. your desk, garden and page layouts look fantastic you sure have been one very busy lady
    Wishing you a very happy WOYWW
    Ria #73

  10. Goodness, you have a lot of happy memories to scrap there. Love your elephant brochure, and the stamps to decorate your album with. Have fun

    The bears @#98 this week.

  11. Good call on the brochure. Very nice. Sound like you had an amazing trip.

    Garden? Not yet. I don't have the energy yet and it is still too cold here. Mine sits frozen for a bit longer and then I will be splitting my time between the studio and backyard.

    Enjoy hopping around the world today nosing into people desks.
    Lori #57

  12. Sounds like an amazing trip, can see why you would want to scrapbook it. Lovely stuff.
    Famfa 127

  13. Love your bits and bobs box!!! Very inspiring!

    Happy crafting!

    die amelie x #102

  14. Fabulous and interesting post..lovely stash and lovely photos..thanks for sharing all of this... Happy WOYWW..have a good week Gill x #103

  15. Printers eh! Your scrapbook looks as though it will be filled with many bright and happy memories! Well done for getting out in the garden - I'm waiting a few weeks to tackle our caravan garden - its a bit soggy at the moment! Chris141

  16. Hi Ali
    Make hay and all that.... I did too! Your Albumn cover is fab. You have loads of lovely stash for your alumn, can't wait to see it. Worked out the technicals... sorry to be a pain!! xx

  17. Looks like it's going to be a fab scrapbook of your page! I love the TIA one!

    Lauren x

  18. Love your work desk Ali! The scrpbooking pages look wonderful!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-). Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #123

  19. Cool stamps! Love the stencil too. Have a great week. happy WOYWW! Nan #7

  20. Oh dear, cold knocked me for 6 again yesterday, then computer had a problem so DH had it all evening. Love all your africa stash. Thanks for stopping by and Happy belated WOYWW BJ#4

  21. That first image on the stencil is a riot!! Imagine trying to sell that in England, lol!! Love all the African photos, that was an amazing trip. Can't believe you're not only busy in the garden but you've got your first produce from it. -8C here this morning!

    Brenda 114

  22. What a fun trip and all the interesting collections you have on your work desk. I love your scrapbook pages and those beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing... :)

  23. Hi Ali, looks and sounds like you had a great trip. You will have to keep giving us a peek. I have not had the courage to go in the garden yet, perhaps in a couple of weeks!
    Carol.x #60