Tuesday, 12 February 2013

WOYWW - My Valentine !

Hi there - I'd love to say my desk has been a veritable hive of activity this week - but sadly life keeps getting in the way !

My poor Art Journal thinks I have emigrated & left it behind, I have neglected so long !!
And I have a pile of the cookery books & magazines I brought back from Cape Town also waiting patiently for some attention !

Saturday, I spent a fun afternoon with my friend Lynda lurking in Hobbycraft & our local Wyevale garden centre - whilst the men went to footie - & we all got back together & tucked into a curry afterwards !

Lynda & I were both bemoaning the fact that after the "18 month winter" we have had here in Wales - summer 2012 never really happened & it was the wettest in a hundred years - we can't even set foot in our gardens due to the bog like state of the soil - and it never stops raining long enough for us to do anything out there anyway !!
I have weeds galore & am desperate for a decent day of weather at a weekend to get tidying up & weeding !!

I also helped Lynda get her new blog "Sparks of Art" on the go - so I'm hoping she'll join us on WOYWW soon - do go & visit her & make her welcome as a newbie in blogland! http://beazleyart.blogspot.co.uk

Sunday was, sadly, less fun & lost to a mountain of ironing !! After 4 & 1/2 hours ploughing through sheets, shirts, tops & PJ's - I didn't have a creative bone left in my body to face anything crafty !!

So the only action on the desk this week is the Valentine's card I have made for my lovely husband - my best friend & Valentine !

And poised for action on my chair is the new scrapbook album I bought Saturday - intended for when I get going on scrapping my Africa pictures - so far I haven't even got them printed out !!

And as I am writing this on Tuesday night to link up to WOYWW tomorrow - we have just chomped through a yummy pile of pancakes !

Rich is the designated pancake maker in this household - due to his far superior rolling round the pan & flipping skills !!
I am the lowly sugar sprinkler & lemon squeezer !!
We stand in the kitchen & eat them fresh from the pan as he makes them !! Well it is only once a year !!

Mind you I am just trying to figure out where the time went since we did the same last year - as I said to my friend Jan in Spain this evening, the past year has simply whizzed by in a blur !!

Anyway better say ta-ta for now & looking forward to seeing your desks this week !
Take care, Ali x


  1. Your Saturday sounds perfect. I know what you mean about life getting in the way of crafting. Have a good week :)

  2. Love the book title on your desk, Taking it Easy, with you saying that not much crafting is going on it seems to have positioned itself to mock you!

    Your Valentine's card is lovely btw. :)

  3. Happy WOYWW. Welcome back to the wonderful world of wet and windy Wales! South Africa looks amazing. A country that I would love to visit, if I can cope with the length of the flight. The Valentines card is gorgeous (not showing the one I have made for my Rich on here - just in case he actually reads my blog!!). Lucky you, having a man who makes the pancakes. My Rich just appears in the kitchen wanting more - and this is usually late in the evening when I just want to collapse on the sofa. Nice kitchen. We are busy planning the kitchen for the farmhouse - more complicated than I first thought. Ali x #12

  4. Cute Valentine card! Love the African souverniers in last weeks posting, too.
    I have the same thoughts about last summer (?) it never came!
    Though we didn´t have SO wet summer here in Finland as you in UK, but wet anyway... Hope the next one is much better!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Tuire #10

  5. Life getting in the way? Happens all the time! lol
    Love your V-card. So pretty!

    Happy WOYWW and Valentine's. xx
    Roudi #61

  6. It's such a shame when life gets in the way of our crafting but thank heavens you managed to get that special valentines card made. Love the scrapbook very pretty
    Happy WOYWW I hope you have a great day
    Ria #47

  7. Beautiful crafting and those pancakes look yummy too :0)
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

  8. Great post, pancakes look yum! Enjoy your week, take care Zo xx 93

  9. I love your Valentine's card, it's very sweet, but don't neglect your Art jOurnal too long dear... that's not good for your health ;) (coming from one art journaler to another...) Love from Holland, Marit #89

  10. If only we could do more crafting and not as much of some of the other, hope you get in your garden soon, mine is covered in fresh snow today. I made breakfast pancakes for 2 grandchildren, lunch pancakes for 2 more grandchildren, and then evening pancakes for 7 of us, I had 2 pans on the go and some of us had golden syrup and crunchy peanut butter on them, they were delicious, I could be very easily persuaded to do some more tonight. I will never be slim.
    Carol.x #87

  11. It's early morning here and those pancakes are making my tummy growl. Love your sweet valentine.
    Krisha #133 off to make me a pancake.......

  12. Beautiful album you chose. Sounds like a lovely Saturday - friends and crafty shopping. Perfect.
    No pancakes here I'm afraid. Hubby away at work and he is the pancake maker here too.
    Lovely valentines card too.
    Happy WOYWW
    Alison #76

  13. Wow y ou iron sheets! Pleas send us rain we are in drought again and have not had any decent rain in months.
    Monica 113

  14. We chose our DHs well, eh? Made sure they could cook!! Mine can toss pancakes like a pro, whereas mine would probably end up on the floor, if I dared try! Have a great week xx

  15. I only like pancakes cooked by others, so your DH is welcome here...! Agree about the garden..I wonder if our best stuff will be rotten if it ever gets a chance to dry out. Shame. Well, Africa has caused you some amount of catching up hasn't it, but hey, it's all good, you will be re-living it just as soon as the photos start coming off the printer.

  16. OMG! Ironing...ugh! I have difficulty keeping up with shirts much less anything else! Love the garden and the pancakes!! Thanks for stopping by my desk this week and leaving a comment! Have a great week. Vickie #17

  17. Sounds a lovely way to spend a morning in hobby craft
    Hubby's pancakes look good ... Pancakes seem to be a man thing to cook like BBQ
    Jackie 3

  18. Sorry to be late popping over to your desk but I was struck down with the dreaded lurgy yesterday and really quite poorly. Love the scrapbook album, I can't seem to find nice ones like that these days, let alone the refills as I like 30 pages in mine not just 10. Thanks for visiting me and cheering me up BJ #36

  19. Wowza, so much activity here today, Ali, I'm exhausted now!! Just kidding, but it was a lively and fun post with lots going on. I just heard about this whole Pancake Day from Karen at Serendipity Dragonfly. I had no idea. And I've certainly never heard of a lemon squeeze on a pancake, which sounds like one of those, "Well, why not?!" things!

    Thanks for coming by to visit the Playhouse already! I hope you have a wonderful week! I know you'll be creative! Enjoy your Valentine -- oh, I always forget the time difference - I'm sure you enjoyed the Valentine Day celebration with Rich! Darnell #46

  20. Oh I get just what you mean with life getting in the way of crafting. Mine is even getting in the way of blog hopping! I just read your post on coming to Cape Town and meeting Bella. We live in the same country and we haven't evn met.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #20

  21. I am a bit late getting round desks this week, but have a few hours to myself this afternoon while the boys play before going to cricket practice at 5pm. I am the maker, flipper, shaker and lemon squeezer when I make pancakes! My garden is also full of weeds, mostly due to the heat as it has been too hot to garden and when it has been cooler, I have been too busy! That's life I guess. I don't iron PJs as they just get rumpled when you sleep in them anyway! Love your Valentine, Hope Richard liked it too. Nice that both your men like the footy and you can go shopping. I have been in one of those stores of yours and it took me a whole day just to investigate it all! Tertia and I live 2 hours away by plane...we must make a WOYWW plan in this country, there are quite a few of us here!

  22. we do exactly the same on pancake day, eat them hot out the pan standing up, its the only way.

    Gill x