Monday, 5 August 2013

Gallo Organico Scavenger Photo Hunt

I have been working on my photo scavenger hunt at the Gallo Organico website !
if you want to know more about the challenge - click on the button on the sidebar of my blog - why not join in the fun !

Here are my entries so far !

1. Carmarthen Saturday Street Market
2. The Millennium Centre Theatre, Cardiff 
3. The Senedd, Cardiff - the Welsh Parliament Building
5. Sunset over Mumbles, Swansea Bay

6. My Dad having a nap on White Sands Beach, Pembrokeshire - holding my Mum's hand after 55 years married to one another !
7. A humorous sign spotted at the Garden Centre
8. The Tower at Pembroke Castle
9. A photo of something that is out of place - this lighthouse had a giant woollen scarf wrapped several times around it - how bizarre !!

10. A bench looking out over Burry Port Sands - could there be a more spectacular view from a bench !
12. A cloud in the shape of - a rooster !
13. Clematis blooming on my fence this July
14. A mosaic vase

15. A Police van on security duty outside the maternity hospital where Prince George of Cambridge was born - photo taken on the day he arrived in the world !
17. A candle with it's own lampshade !
18. Our favourite Coffee Shop - Time in Carmarthen where we often have breakfast on a Saturday morning 
19. A fisherman peacefully fishing off the Mumbles Seafront in Swansea Bay

20. A dinosaur wandering around at the National Show Caves of Wales  

So - this is my stash so far - I still have the following to find in the next month !

no. 4 - an aeroplane 
no. 11 - an animal in a zoo or nature reserve
no. 16 - a windmill
no. 21 - me with a crafty gadget or supplies 


  1. Fantastic photos for the scavenger hunt! I especially like that beautiful sunshine & the funny sign!

  2. Loving your photos and a time for me to reminisce about the Mumbles. I got my airplanes at Swansea airport btw. Thanks for reminding me I have to get the photo of me and a crafty tool! Nearly forgot that one. Excellent sign and love the dinosaur. BJ