Tuesday, 13 August 2013

WOYWW - More Stitching than Sticking !

Well, unusually for me these days, I headed back to my sadly neglected sewing machine last weekend !

I had some practical stitching to do !
So my desk this week has these projects & a few bits & bobs of papercrafting too !

As you may recall, a few weeks ago I lost my tote bag whilst out for a walk - it must have fallen off my husband's disabled buggy & although we retraced our steps someone must have helped themselves to it ! Inside was my Kindle amongst other things - so I had to fork out for a new one.
This is much smaller & touch screen & has a light built in - so rather than buy a "flips open like a book" case like I had before, I decided just to read with it as it is - it is so much lighter I can hold it in one hand & tap with a free finger to "turn" the pages !
So I thought I would just make a little cover to protect it when travelling.
This fancy cats fabric is years old - I was making a quilt with panels & background fabrics and made a huge stack of flying geese blocks & then decided I didn't like it at all !! So it is all still piled in my fabric cupboard years later ! At least this bit has now got a home !
Then Rich had bought a new Sat Nav as our ancient one gave up the ghost !
And seeing my cover, of course he wanted one for the Tom Tom !
So this is nearly finished - just the press studs to stitch on !

I made a start stamping out pictures for the frame project I am slowly working on - just stamped so far - need to get them water-coloured up !

As you can see it has a nature theme !

At the back is a new stamp my friend Lynda got for me with a discount voucher she won by taking part in a challenge on the Crafty Individuals site - it is a lovely lily design - looking forward to using this one !

Lastly here are a few words I am cutting out - they are stamped with one of the Dylusions alphabets - I really like this font ! they will end up in my new art journal once I get them finished !

Well short & sweet this week - hope you all have a great week & looking forward to seeing all your desks ! Ali x


  1. Lots of interesting things on your work desk this week Ali. I love that font too!
    Happy Wednesday
    Karin #92

  2. Hi Ali,
    How posh a cover for a Sat Nav, Steve is thinking of buying one too.
    I would have to dust my sewing machine off its been unused for so long

    Jan x

  3. We like the idea of a personal kindle cover, sorry to hear someone snaffled your bag tho! We love that Dylusions alphabet. It's on our too long most wanted list.

    The bears @#93

  4. yes, the dylusions alphabet is on my wanted list too bears.

    love that cat fabric, my sewing machine may be coming out of retirement soon too, love you have a fabric cupboard, I have a dozen (very large) plastic boxes I can never find what I want in. Like the satnav cover too, might make one for OH.

    Lynda #89

  5. Hi Ali
    I am loving the little bags you have been making for your new goods. It was such a shame that you were unable to find your lost bag I had hoped that someone would of handed it in for you.
    Have a good WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Hugs Ria #43

  6. Well, while that was not funny, you losing your bag and contents like that, at least there is a silver lining with the new kindle, like your cat fabric too, see everything has its use eventually!! That's what I tell my husband...grin!!
    Hugs, LLJ 60 xx

  7. Lucky you to be going to Finn...She is on my wish list! I am in for the 15 March for Tim in 2014. Going to be fabulous! Great covers and I like the start to you journal too.

  8. What a lovely post - so much beautiful, crafty stuff and sewing too! Have a great WOYWW. Julie Ann xx #39

  9. Happy WOYWW Ali! I have those cats, I have a drawer full of fabric like that, and cats was just one of them, the idea was to cut the cats out after sticking on the special backing stuff (lampshade stuff?) then decoupage them onto cards. I did make one, and I should use some more of it!

    Great idea making the covers, they sell them in the community shop where I sell my cards.

    I have two 4 legged helpers, though the other one avoids the craft room because he knows I drop lots of stuff!

    That was a lovely stamp your friend bought you and how generous of her to use her voucher on you! I just won a voucher, but am spending it on a Gelli Pad, because I am so curious about them and want to try one!

    Cazzy x

  10. Sorry to hear you lost your bag recently. How annoying! Did you report your loss to Amazon as I believe they can stop more being downloaded? Worth a try.
    Love the cover you made for your new one.
    As for my room, I am trying out my photography skills for a new career in Estate Agency!!! It is not huge at all, just long and narrow! LOL! (Not really going to be estate agent, I want to sleep at night!)

  11. too bad about your lost Kindle:( but the cases turned out cute! Happy WOYWW Lindsay #104

  12. busy week for you this week. Glad you got a new Kindle was hoping someone would be nice and bring it back but...oh well you got a new one. Love all the fabric and those cases turned out awesome! Thanks for stopping by my desk! I goofed up and had the wrong blog URL on my linky originally was #107 now I am... Vickie #134

  13. Love the covers for the Kindle and Tom Tom. It proves that you should never throw anything away! The stamped flowers are gorgeous. Hugs. Pam#33

  14. How sad that somebody would help themselves to your bag. The cases you have made are lovely. A bonus to use up something you already had on hand.

    Fiona #134

  15. Ali, So sorry you lost your kindle! But it looks you love your new one :) and I really like the covers you made...
    ...and I am in love with those stamps!!! Could you tell me where you got them? online? local?
    Anyway - thanks for stopping by :)
    Cheers, Jana #79

  16. What a bummer to lose your kindle! But I love your new kindle pouch--and those stamps are just awesome!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog (WOYWW#100). :)