Tuesday, 6 August 2013

WOYWW - End of an Era !

Well again a quick blog post this week as I have been travelling for work for the past week - London 3 times in 6 days (6 hours on the train in total each time !) - and then I'm off to Belfast later this week !

My desk has a couple of projects on it - the photo frame is just started - have used Distress ink over the gesso and through a stencil.

Then I have suddenly thought - will the stencilled ink just blur & run - is there a way to "set" the Distress Ink - all tips welcome please !!

Centre stage is my art journal.

This is the end of an era - the final page of my faithful journal - my arty companion for the past year & a half.

I started the journal on New Year's Day 2012 - and have so enjoyed my playing & creating in it !

So this page records the end of our journey & all the happy messy inky painty & gluey times we have had together !

As you can see the cover is well handled with painty finger prints all over it !!

The little sheet on top is a clue to where I am headed next !

My sister bought me this large Dylusions art journal for Christmas - so far I have been intimidated by it's size - but now I have no choice but to move on !

So here's the very first page started off - Dylusions inks just drying - the colour on the left was supposed to be blue - but it is all looking a bit green !

I love the vibrant colours of these inks but find they are very messy & hard to control - is that just me - any ideas on being more precise with them are very welcome !!!

Anyway have a great week !
Ali xx


  1. Hi Ali
    It is very sad when you get to the end of a much loved book but what an achievment all those arty pages. You can enjoy looking at them again and again. Good luck in starting your new journal and I am with you on the Dylusions. Perhaps we need a class! LOL !
    Lynda x

  2. Where one road ends, another journey begins. You're going to really enjoy working in the Dylusions journal. I wish I had a word of wisdom on the Dylusions inks, but as much as I love their potential, as seen in the work of so many talented peeps out there, I always end up with a huge mess when I use the inks. I have to cover everything in a 3 ft radius of whatever I'm inking. One thing you can try to get better coverage and blending is to spray your pages with a good coat of water before spraying the inks onto the paper.As for the Distress inks, instead of expensive fixatives to set the Distress inks, I use a can of hairspray. I find it works to set inks, water-soluble pencils, pastels, etc. Good luck. Enjoy the new journal. Happy Hump Day!!! (((HUGS)))
    WOYWW #4

  3. I love your journal pages. One of these days I will have to try art journaling. Happy crafting #1

  4. I work in a box so it does not spray everything. But yes, they are messy and very uncontrollable. Both in direction and volume. Each bottle seems to be different. #43

  5. I can see what you mean. My book I have been using off and on for the past 3 years is nearing it's end. But it is already so nice to look back on. I so really like your pages :) Uniflame - 64

  6. Oh bother just lost my comment so here goes again. Looks like we are both coming to the end of something as I have nearly finished my latest 60 page scrap album. Love your page. As for spraying I use a pizza box as shown here

  7. We've never managed to control the Dylusions sprays as yet, we think the trick might be to embrace the mess? Looks like your new journal is well on its way to being christened there.

    Waving hi from the bears #84

  8. Poor you with all that travelling, yuk. Love your last journal page, mine are usually altered books so get through them much quicker.
    Most jealous of your dylusions journal, been on my wish list a long time that one.

    Lynda #82

  9. Hi Ali, where do you find all that energy, love the bright colours on your new journal, Ive never used them but I have a box too for spraying, doesn't stop me getting my glimmer mists everywhere though.

  10. What a feeling that must be, to fill up a whole journal, and be able to look back at the pages full of creating.

    Happy woyww to you!
    #17 this week

  11. Happy WOYWW! Thank you for sharing your space and journal! Can't wait to see more of your art!
    -Tera #104

  12. I bet you have mixed emotions having finished your journal, but how exciting to have another waiting in the wings. I can't wait to see what you get up to in your new journal and with your dylusion sprays. Sorry I haven't any tips to give you other than what has already been shared. Happy WOYWW! Danie #14

  13. Ooh, I bet the end of the journal raised mixed emotions. Something yu have so enjoyed creating...but it's still there to mull over at leisure.
    I enjoyed playing Spot the Location in your previous post!!
    Hugs, LLJ 57 xx

  14. Thanks for your encouraging comment on my website. Your journal looks amazing - well done. As to 'setting' distress inks, I would try on a bit of scrap first, but how about an artists spray varnish? You can get them in gloss or satin finish, that way your not actually brushing anything in contact with the ink, just spraying on top.
    Thanks again,
    have a fun week,
    john-w #77

  15. You have got wonderful Journal ready. It is really treasure.
    I can't help with colors but I encourage You to star a new journal. When You are old, it is wonderful to look at them and remember many things and happenings.

    Happy WOYWW, Uuna #47

  16. Very fun Journal, great colors.

    Regards diane

  17. How fun to have finished a whole art journal. I started one a few months back but have only played twice. I'm hoping to get to add more often to it very soon. I've only played with Dylusion inks a bit. I'm not sure if you can be precise with them. I've seen plenty ideas on youtube on how to blend and just spray together. Sorry I can't be more help. Hope you figure it out. Brigita #108

  18. Hi Ali...congrats on finishing your journal and won't it be a journey in a few years time when you read over it...special :-) Busy travelling lady still finds time to WOYWW, cool. And I do love you photo lotto. Cheers RobynO#52

  19. Dear Ali, this is a wonderful look to your Journal. It looks fantastic and is a great expression of your art.
    This week my seccond Journal will coming and I love this.

  20. Finished your first journal and off on a second journey...way to go Ali!! I love Dylusions ink and they are a lot messy by Dyan says to keep paper towels and other blank bits of paper around to soak up the excess. I have started using them in various art bits. Unfortunately the Dylusions inks and Distress inks are both unstable in that if any water hits them they tend to run everywhere and fade out. I get so frustrated to get works done and accidently have water spill or a brush splatter and ruin what I have done. I think that is why grunge and I get along so well is I tend to make messes and with grunge I just mess it up a bit more! Have a great week. Vickie #36

  21. What a wonderful book that will be to back through. Sorry, no tips for getting sprays to behave as you want them to!

  22. What a fitting tribute to your lovely journal! It'll be great to flip through it at a later date too! They do say bigger is better, lol! Sounds like you've been really busy, hope you get to relax this weekend.

    Brenda 3

  23. Hi Ali! Wow that travelling sounds brutal. Be sure to drink lots of water and find some rest while all this traveling is definitely draining!

    I can't answer any of your inky questions, I am not to versed in that stuff.

    I love your final page for your art journal. You should really be proud of such an achievement. I wish I could saddle up my discipline to stick with a crafty project like that.

    Thank you for visiting me. I feel happy you visited me especially with your busy schedule.

    Have a blessed day!
    Belinda (89)

  24. Happy Belated WOYWW. I don't normally go and visit desks on a Sunday, but it is good to be different sometimes! Your journal is fab. I have started printing off some of my digi pages, and will eventually bind them all together to make a digi-journal. Hope your travelling has reduced. Sounds exhausting. Ali x #60