Tuesday, 10 March 2015

WOYWW - Finally Some Crafting !

Well after weeks of crafty inactivity I finally got to get some inky, painty action !

With Mother's Day next weekend, I wasn't happy with what I had made as my first effort at a Mother's Day card ...

Although I liked the stamp I had used - especially as Mum loves birds - but I felt in the end it looked a bit small & subdued for what I wanted to express.

So this one became a gift voucher with an IOU a meal when we next get together !

So I decided to get out my new JOFY stamps and make something a bit bigger, brighter & a bit more fun.

I went a bit JOFY mad - with the card, the inside of the card and even the envelope !
I know Mum loves her garden too ...

Although Sunday started with teaming rain & thick fog here - by 2pm it was sunny & quite pleasant so I was able to get out in the garden for over 2 hours.

I was inspired by the garden to set about making a JOFY Junk Journal which I plan to use as a Garden Journal this summer.

I like to make notes about what I have planted, how it has grown, the weather conditions and so on ..

I decided to recycle the box that my mail order of JOFY stamps and paints had arrived in to make the covers ..

  This is where I have got to so far ...

And I have been using up the dregs of paint to start a base page for the journal as I go ...

I'll start making the inside pages next ...
I always end up with random plant labels, seed packets and other sundry items that I don't quite know what to do with but want to keep as a reference - so hopefully I will be able to collect everything together in this journal.

I have my Easter cards on my mind too ... and decided to buy some Chloe stamps I had seen on TV - the bunnies just appealed to me !!

Anyway - have a great week everyone ! Ali xx


  1. What a great idea, a garden journal! I just did some planting and now I'm thinking I NEED to make one of these for the same reasons you listed.
    Your JOFY card is smashing, your Mum will adore it.
    Not playing along with WOYWW this week, spent the night with my sick dog :(
    Just trying to get to the blogs I normally follow this week.

  2. Hi Ali, couldn't see your link on WOYWW, love your new stamps, I need some more, your pages are gorgeous, makes mine look too plain. Still it's all new to me.
    Have a great weekend, jan x
    No 57

  3. Thankfully my men are well though I have had my Mom in hospital since Monday morning as she collapsed, I thought she had had a heart attack and rushed her to hospital. Turns out to be a severe bladder infection and she is on an antibiotic drip. She should come home tomorrow, so no WOYWW post for me today again. Life keeps getting the better of me lately. I did not even realise today was Wednesday till I saw your post in my side bar when I went on line for the first time this week today! I have a guest post over at Our Creative Corner and had to do my sneak peek which was a bit late due to me only just coming back from the evening hospital visit. Glad your weather doing better. Can't believe it was a year ago this week that you guys were here. You were a great Finn teacher and I loved doing my cover on the week-end. I had our canvas next to me for inspiration while I worked.

  4. Great new stamps...they look like Spring :) like what you have made with them so far.
    Shel@paperocotillostudio #74

  5. Love the new stamps. Happy WOYWW Anne x #32

  6. Love the new stamps. Happy WOYWW Anne x #32

  7. Wonderful journal and those cards are awesome. Your mom will love hers!
    Thank you for your earlier visit and your nice comment. Übrigens, dein Deutsch ist perfekt!
    Gabriele 15

  8. I think both the cards you made are amazing and beautiful! Your journal page is fabulous too. Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful comment. This is advice I have been giving myself this past week, and will continue to do during the final week leading up to my surgery. I am trying to enjoy each day like beads on a chain, savouring what each day brings - I am not achieving a lot, but that isn't really the point! I am resting and relaxing and in the meantime doing lots of research on what to expect afterwards, so I am prepared, and getting lots of help, advice and encouragement from the stoma forum I have joined. So many lovely friends on there!! Thank you for your continuing kind thoughts, and especially your prayers.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #46

  9. Love the journal page. Gorgeous stamps.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 31

  10. Wonderful cards - both of them, lol!! but you can't beat JoFY for me!! the journal looks fabulous too. Helen 3

  11. Both cards are fab..they show two sides of your crafting personality for sure! You might be a bit JoFy'd up then?!! Loving your mukti tasking as you go..journal pages, new (fab) journal cover...it's no wonder you don't have spare moment sin your day!

  12. Both of the cards are so beautiful!
    Happy crafting!

  13. Wow all the projects you have made in the week are gorgeous. Love flowers/stamps and anything remotely related to gardening and you have captured it all.
    sandra de @29

  14. How nice to keep a garden journal! I don't have a garden anymore (since we moved to an apartement last year, with only a small balcony...) but I can see myself keeping a 'weather journal' of some kind... I might (if I only had more hours in a day!) I was surprised you guys celebrate Mother's Day this weekend... in HOlland it is in May, so I still have time to make a card. Love yours!! Happy woyww and a hug from the Netherlands. Marit #50

  15. Good decision! I love that garden Mother's Day card a lot..it's fresh and pretty, she'll love it! And you are good keeping a garden journal...it's the sort of thing I think I ought to do but fail spectacularly every year, lol :-)
    I have been selling Hooters and Hedgehogs (for Zoe's hypermobility fund raising) The medium ones are £8 to give you an idea...I've got white and turquoise tinsel wool in at the moment, but colours include pink, royal blue, silver, gold, brown, black. Let me know if you want one!
    Hugs, LLJ 5 xx

  16. So much to look at today. How lovely you busy lady. Thanks for sharing your space with us all. Visit if you get a chance.

    Happy day after WOYWW
    Pat #78

  17. Two cards! Wow! Both are so pretty. I like both and I hope your mother will too.
    Thank you for visiting earlier in the week and for your kind comment.
    Sorry I'm so late with this but the house we were staying in in Italy didn't have internet. My son does but we were not able to go to his house as the village was/probably still is completely snowed in. Wednesday morning I went to a coffee bar that had wifi and posted my little contribution.
    I'm now back home and catching up on stuff, downloading (baby) photos and keeping the washing machine going.
    Have a great week,