Tuesday, 17 March 2015

WOYWW - Spring Garden !

Well the garden has taken up all my time this past weekend - both outside & at my workdesk !

On Sunday Much Beloved headed to Manchester to go to footie and I had the day to myself - so I set to on the back garden - digging over the soil to try to make it less compacted, weeded - an ongoing battle with hairy bittercress !! - and then I had bought sacks of organic compost from the local council recycling tip which I used as a mulch.
After 3 hours of all this it was a treat to get out of the cold in my potting shed to sow some seeds - my new gloves have been a godsend in keeping my hands warm & dry these past couple of weeks ! And my new pink wellibobs have been doing the trick keeping my feet cosy too !
I have over-wintered some mitzuna, turnips and spinach quite successfully in the Veg-Trug - and on the lower right hand side you can see the lengths I have had to go to in my anti-feline campaign on my veggie bed !!

Back at my desk, I was grateful to get into the warm and work on my new garden junk journal - I made a page to capture what I have been up to and also to express how I feel about the work now being an act of faith that the garden will look something other than grey, brown and empty !

I have used rings to secure the junk journal for the moment so it doesn't matter if it gets plump with pages !

And I journaled a few pages ready to stick in pictures from this month's activities  ...

Lynda & her husband came over for supper and a film on Saturday - and we swapped the tags for our Art Tag swap - the challenge this month was stencils and recycling - so my tags were themed for March and featured flowers from tissue paper which was wrapped around some new shoes, the strip on the tag from a carrier bag & the string from clothes tags !

And I got to use some new Paperartsy stamps too !
I love the quote " to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow !

Have a great crafty week ! 
Ali xx


  1. I am seriously impressed - with the amount of work you did in the garden all on your own, that you found wellies that don't freeze your feet, (I'd have been with hubbie at the footie, though Manchester wouldn't be my choice of venue!!) and also with the amount of crafting you've done - fabulous pages, wonderful tags!! Have a great week. Helen 11.

  2. All the hard work you do now will certainly pay off in the end later in the year . I've still got to get out in mine. some lovely crafting projects on your desk also. Happy woyww Jill #26

  3. Hi Ali, you certainly have been busy - but doesn't it feel wonderful when your finished, and then later reaping the results. So do love that yellow garden page too. Cheers RobynO#24

  4. Oh I love the garden this time of year. It is so full of promise! Unfortunately I haven't got a garden anymore here in Spain but I have many large terraces where I plant pots and widow boxes.
    Have a great week,
    PS I'm thinking of our fellow desk hopper Shoshi today who's operation has been postponed yet again! I can't imagine how she must be feeling.

  5. i moved from a house with a garden to a flat with a small balcony last year, and although I was/am not much of a gardener, I really miss it! Oh well, a few pots with herbs on the balcony to keep me satisfied will do... and seeing other people (you!) doing the work... I love the journal you keep about your garden too! Happy woyww and a big hug from Holland, Marit #45

  6. oh yay for having time to go outside and play in the dirt :) ~Stacy #59

  7. Wow... :) Lots of hard work and what an appropriate phrase on your stamp set! Thanks for coming to visit me a couple of weeks ago! Sorry I haven't been around sooner.

    Sy #67

  8. I am gardening too, it is just a must in spring, isn't it. It is a lot of fun, but I always pay the price - backache! Also a lot of interesting projects on your desk, thanks for sharing!
    Gabriele 23