Tuesday, 31 March 2015

WOYWW - Hoppy Easter !

Finally back at my work-desk after a 12 day straight stint at work , major food show, wasted 24 hours trying to get to Germany with all flights cancelled and a stinking cold to follow !

Trying to ignore sniffing & snuffling into my tissues this past weekend, I set about making my Easter cards !

I used my new fun Chloe "Easter Critter" stamps and some papers that came free with a magazine a while ago - I really liked the happy Spring colours.

It was quite good to work with a limited colour palette and create within it - just adding some ribbons and washi tape and getting out a neglected border punch !
I got all the cards made on Saturday & posted by Sunday - and know they started arriving on Tuesday so safe to show them here !

I haven't played in my art journal in ages and being full of cold wasn't feeling especially inspired & creative but a few days ago I had seen a page on the Clips N Cuts blog and YouTube which I really liked - her page was celebrating her love of coffee but I am not really a true coffee girl .
So I journal-lifted her idea but it reflects my view  that are few occasions that can't be improved by a nice cup of tea (even if I have to have Decaff Tea as I am allergic to caffeine !)

So on my desk tonight you can see my Chloe stamps, some colouring I have done on a "Girlsfriends" stamp leant to me by a friend at Craftclub, my journal any my daily diary.
And some Alphabet stamps that came free with a magazine and the Flow book of all sorts of papers & paper-craft ideas - made to be ripped out & used in projects !
Well hope everyone has a brilliant Easter - my sister & her family arrive tomorrow for the Easter weekend - so don't expect to see much of my desk for the next few days !
Enjoy your Easter ! Ali xx


  1. That alphabet set will be great for your journal. I love your page about tea. Mine of course would be all about coffee with as much caffeine in as possible! Love the stuff! Your cards are great too and I agree, it is nice to have a limited palette as it makes you think out of the box. I am loving my Finn projects and so glad you taught me what you did, it is making time at my desk such fun! Can't wait to meet her in October.

  2. Sorry to hear you have a bad cold. You work too hard! Thank you for my beautiful Easter card, as you can see from my blog I have made some too. I hope you have a great time with your sister, and see you all on Friday xx

    Lynda B

  3. sorry that you're feeling unwell i hope you feel better quickly
    i love your easter cards very cute!
    happy woyww
    Mrs C.xx

  4. Not seen Flow magazine. Love the bunnies :) And you journal page too. Hope you get over your cold soon. I hate having a cold - winter cold, summer cold, Sprint and fall colds. they ALL suck.
    Happy WOYWW and I'm not fooling'!
    Mary Anne (1)

  5. Boo suckers to the wasted trip and the cold :-(. Hope you pick up very soon. I love your Easter cards so much, the colours and graphics made me smile a lot!!
    Have fun with your family at Easter :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 4 xx

  6. Aw, your desk is a haze of spring colours, how very cheery. So sorry about the cold, hope it doesn't interfere with your sister's visiting.

  7. Love all your cards - well done!! I haven't managed to make any Easter cards this year .... I did get out the stamps and printed some digis out but then the travels took over!

    Making a Garden journal is a brilliant idea - I have stacks of photos of my garden at the steam trains which nobody sees so maybe I should start a Steam train journal .... hhmm..... thanks for the thought.
    Have a good week

    Bishopsmate #36

  8. Ali, your cards are wonderful and I am so sorry to hear you have been unwell nothing worse when you have to work too. Gosh 12 days straight this is the sort of thing I do, I am pleased to hear there is someone else out there with the workaholic attitude. Happy Easter, I do hope you get some rest.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 41

  9. Somebodies been busy making easter cards, I'm inpressed.
    Happy woyww, Angela x 29

  10. Sweet cards and I love your journal spread too!

  11. Ali great to see you back, sorry you've been unwell and working so hard. I love your easter cards, I only made one for Joey and charlie.
    Late getting here as the Internet went down just as I was finishing, had to nip upstairs to finish off. Have a great easter with the family, jan x. No 59

  12. Your Easter cards are beautiful, I hope your cold has gone now. Love the new goodies, too. Have a lovely time at Easter. Helen 3

  13. Ali, I agree with you about using a limited palette. Take care of yourself and Happy Easter to you and yours.

    Thanks for sharing, Happy WOYWW
    Pat #64

  14. Wow! Those Easter cards are really cute!
    Hope you feel better now, no more sniffling!
    Have a great week and Happy Easter!

  15. So many wonderful projects on your desk! I love the 3 D effect on the cards!
    Happy WOYWW and Happy Easter
    Gabriele 19

  16. Your cards are beautiful and I really like your journal page. There's definitely always time for tea :). How annoying about the cancelled flights. Did you get to Germany in the end? I flew home from London to Switzerland on the 31st and my flight was cancelled too. It was the only one, though, and they booked me on another flight, so I got home alright. It was very stormy here too, but not quite as bad as in Germany. Hope you had a great Easter weekend!